Fall/Winter 2021 at Le Fanion

The Rhône Valley has been, since Roman times, a region of commerce and abundance. It offered two infallible elements for success: water and sunshine. The following dishes celebrate the pleasures of both fishing and farming, of bucolic country life at its best.

6 dishes with shape and design of fish.

Straight from the river to your table: these colorful little fish are perfect for butter, olives, jewelry, any little treat...

Tray decorated with chickens.

Either you live on a farm or not, these cheeky hens need a home!

3 small square dishes decorated with fish.

Yes, in the South of France, fish do smile and talk!

3 square dishes and a tray decorated with chickens.

Dancing chickens, gossiping hens, smiling guests: these dishes will be a sure hit!

2 roundish small dishes decorated with blue cats.

And let's not forget the cat lover you surely know!

Heart shaped medallion with cherries.
Heart shaped medaillon with a heart.

You might not need a reminder but a happy heart is a healthy heart...

Small bowls with chickens.

They say chicken soup cures everything; we say these bowls do!

Two egg cups depicted as ladies.

These two French ladies will gladly hold your 3-minute eggs.

Rectangular trays and small dishes decorated with chickens.

A sure way to enliven your dinner table, no matter what you'll serve.

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