Fall/Winter 2019 at Le Fanion

These tiny dishes are the perfect addition to any home: ideal for olive oil, sea salt, a bit of condiment, to keep a ring safe or just to cheer up a friend!

Sun Salutation Celebration,

to remind you...

A citrouille is a pumpkin

is a citrouille...

Relax with a glass of

red wine.

Like peas in a pod.

Happy Hour French style:

it's called Apéro!

Wake up with a strong

cup-a-Joe or just be inspired by the words - un café serré.

for prices and to place an order, call us at


Le Fanion Inc.



299 West 4th Street (corner of Bank Street), Greenwich Village, New York, NY  10014

tel: 212-463-8760      email: lefanion@erols.com