Fall/Winter 2021 at Le Fanion


Being forced to stay still can be the perfect catalyst for imagination. This pottery is the fruit of such a moment: out of night- and day-dreams, out of ancient, buried memories, emerged all these charming creatures… Enjoy!


Two torsade handled serving platter with a farmer hawking his watermelons.

A colorful Provençal man displaying his watermelons at the market.

6 cassolette dishes decorated with horse, wine glass, mosque, "La Fievre Rose", man with yo yo and chalet cabin.

Each one of these little dishes takes you to the wonders of fairyland...

Pitcher decorated with hearts and "Haut Les Coeurs" and three gobelets with cabin, bird and church.

Haut les coeurs! High the hearts! To love, life and travels!

Medium bowl with a rabbit blowing a horn.
Bowl with ears with 4 mice depicted inside.

When the bugle resonates, the mice start dancing around!

Dessert plates with farmer and cat.

Dinner plates that will make you dream of country life long ago and far away....

Small bowl with man and yo yo.
Small bowl with owl inside.

You can cross a bridge in a salad bowl or find an owl at the bottom of your cereal bowl: everything is possible!

Ceramic trivits with man, dog, cat, rabbit, farmer and a grasshopper eating a slice of melon.

Whimsical tiles that can serve as coasters or go on your wall.

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