Le Fanion


8 highly decorated small bowls. 5 large rustic pitchers. 2 large pitchers and a dish with floral designs.

comes Le Fanion.

6 small dishes shaped and decorated like fish. 7 café au lait bowls with rabbit, cow, wild boar, pig horse, stripes and polka dots.

From sunny Provence in the South of France, where the landscape is infused with earthy, vivid colors...

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Le Fanion brings you rare French country antique and collectible pottery, amazing earthenware,

Two handled serving platter with a farmer displaying his melons. 5 multi colored dinner plates in vibrant colors. Four wine bottle trivits.

hand-turned traditional pottery,

Large round platter with geometric designs and bull heads on a black background.

 crystal fruit chandeliers,

Large chandelier with rosettes and colorful crystal fruit.

whimsical decoration, folk art,

3 pocket silverware holder
Ceramic frog. 4 medium size polka dot pitchers.
Large "Medieval" pitcher with a bird on its lid.

 fine art,

Auguste Vuillemot.  Two fashionable ladies.

French antique furniture,

Village scape in Provence.

(& wool!)

Pottery, table, chair.

zinc for bars and countertops, zinc weathervanes and more one-of-a-kind pieces for your home.

Prominently located on a charming corner of

New York City's historic Greenwich Village, come

find Le Fanion and discover:

Le Fanion storefront.

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shimmering crystal fruit chandeliers, rich, colorfully glazed pottery, exquisite glowing fruitwoods, and warmth....

Inside view of Le Fanion.

If you can't make it to Le Fanion, give us a call and we'll help you pick some very special treats for yourself or your loved ones via FaceTime or Zoom!

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Le Fanion Inc.

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